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North Alabama Reporting Service was acquired by Roy and Gayle Graham in 1985.  With over thirty years of experience they have built a solid reputation as one of North Alabama's most trusted businesses.  As established leaders in the court reporting industry, Roy and Gayle have served in leadership roles at the State and National levels.  Roy served as President of the Alabama Court Reporters Association in 1972-1973.  He received the Alabama Court Reporters Distinguished Service Award for dedicated and outstanding service in the Court Reporting Profession in 2019.  Gayle served as President of the Alabama Court Reporters Association in 1996-1997, as well as on the NSCA committee for the National Court Reporters Association in 1998.  Gayle received the Alabama Court Reporters Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

"We are committed to providing the highest quality court reporting services to our clients.  NARS takes pride in the belief that no business is too small to benefit from our services, yet we have the experience and personnel to accommodate the largest firms.  We believe that a good reputation and consistent service is what makes NARS a business you can trust."

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